Dr. APJ AKTU Convocation on 12 December 2017, Registration Date and Fee, List of Top 10 Students

Dr. APJ AKTU Lucknow Noida Campus, 15th convocation will be held on 12 December 2017 in Lucknow. Regarding convocation, university upload a circular on official website aktu.ac.in (direct link of PDF circular https://erp.aktu.ac.in/Attachments/Circular/85833xgqnfmv.pdf) in which schedule date and list of top students id provided. Total 70 thousand will get their degree from around 600 affiliated colleges. Chief guest will be ABVP Chairman Anil Kumar U.


AKTU 12 Dec 2017 Convocation Registration starts from 1st Nov and fee is Rs 750 which will increased if candidate registered after last date (एक नवंबर से एक दिसंबर तक पंजीकरण करवाने वाले छात्रों को 750 रुपये भुगतान करना होगा। जबकि दो से छह दिसंबर तक करने वालों को दो हजार, सात से नौ दिसंबर तक वालों को तीन हजार और दस से 11 दिसंबर तक छात्रों को दस हजार रुपये पंजीकरण फीस के तौर पर देना होंगे।).

#AKTU Convocation 12 Dec 2017 Registration Fee
01 नवंबर से 01 दिसंबर 750 रुपये
02 दिसंबर से 06 दिसंबर 2000 रुपये
07 दिसंबर से 09 दिसंबर 3000 रुपये
10 दिसंबर से 11 दिसंबर 10000 रुपये

List of top 10 students from every course (B.Tech, MBA, MCA, BHMCT, BFAD) and every branch (CS, IT, EC, EN, ME etc) is available in PDF and top 3 students from every branch will get gold, bronze and silver medal from chief guest of AKTU convocation 2017. We provide top 3 students from CS, ME and MBA below further are provided in PDF link.

Top 3 Students from B.Tech CS Branch
Mohit Agarwal from AKGEC Ghaziabad 87.74
Kavya garg from GL Bajaj Greater Noida 87.71
Deepti Mittal from AKGEC Ghaziabad 86.96

Top 3 Students from B.Tech ME Branch
Anmol Agarwal from JSS Noida 87.02%
Siddhant Omer KIET Ghaziabad 86.92%
Ajay Singh Kushwaha from BBDNITM Lucknow 86.58%

Top 3 Students from MBA
Laxmi Rajput from RKGIT Ghaziabad 81.98%
Tanzeem Fatima from GL Bajaj Greater Noida 81.50%
Bhavya Goel from AKGEC Ghaziabad 81.48%


  1. In the convocation all students get degree.....

  2. I have scored 73+. Am I eligible? From whom will I receive my degree?