AKTU Semester Exam Aadhar Card Number and 75% Attendance Necessary

Dr. APJ AKTU Lucknow Noida take a good decision for improvement of education in university. Attendance is taken through UID Aadhar Card number electronic device and students whose attendance is less than 75% should not allow to attend the semester and he / she need to take all class again. In last session 2016-17 around 5000 students enrollment is cancel by university for fake admission and by using Aadhar in attendance decrease number of fake admission.

Regarding students who failed in their last semester or academic year, he said, “Such students will be given another chance and we will roll out a policy for them soon.”

Private and Government college who give more than 75% marks to their students in internal, sessional and practical examination will need to submit reason for giving high marks


  1. The card can be of help in loan application processes for example. Owners may also use it to apply for visas, passports, for phone connections, for school and college admissions. eaadhaar

  2. Dear Sir,

    Its a big request from you all that please strict the collages to enhance their quality of education. Nothing going to happen only to sit and attend the classes. All the collages running under the roof of AKTU are schools, they are manufacturering the graduates those are not skilled to get a job. Please enhance the quality of education otherwise don't say you guys are producing engineers. I am really sad with the way of teaching of collages and labs setted in collages are only for showcase.... 😨