AKTU LUCKNOW university will implement UGC rule of making CBCS compulsory from 2016-17 session. According to CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (CBCS) students can study subject of different stream by which he or she able to get jobs in other fields also. In this system credit and grades will given to students. Attendance is very important under this rule students with less than 75% attendance will consider as fail and 25% relaxation will give with medical certificate.

Students can study subject of other stream
Students can attend class of other subject
Students can choose from Core, Elective and Foundation subject of their own
Students get grade card at end of every semester with SGPA and CGPA
Students get job in other field

Types of Courses:
Courses in a programme may be of three kinds: Core, Elective and Foundation.
1. Core Course:-
There may be a Core Course in every semester. This is the course which is to be
compulsorily studied by a student as a core requirement to complete the requirement of
a programme in a said discipline of study.
2. Elective Course:-
Elective course is a course which can be chosen from a pool of papers. It may be:
Supportive to the discipline of study
Providing an expanded scope
Enabling an exposure to some other discipline/domain
Nurturing student’s proficiency/skill.
An elective may be “Generic Elective” focusing on those courses which add generic proficiency to the students. An elective may be “Discipline centric”or may be chosen from an unrelated discipline. It may be called an “Open Elective.”
3. Foundation Course:-
The Foundation Courses may be of two kinds: Compulsory Foundation and Elective foundation. “Compulsory Foundation” courses are the courses based upon the content that leads to Knowledge enhancement. They are mandatory for all disciplines. Elective Foundation courses are value-based and are aimed at man-making education.

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