NH 24 Widening 14 Lane Road Work Status, Completion Date | Delhi-UP Date-Dasna-Hapur | Delhi Meerut Expressway Plan

National Highway 24 Delhi, Ghaziabad, Dasna, Hapur, Meerut Six Lane Expressway, Eight Lane Normal Highway 2.5 Meter Bicycle Track on both side, widening work on this corridor was start from May 2016. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji was lay the foundation stone of the project on 31st Dec 2015 in Noida Sector 62. This construction project of widening NH 24 from 4 Lane to 14 Lanes is waiting from past 10 year, but finally its work in progress. This Highway is lifeline of Ghaziabad transportation, when this project will complete it make Noida, Greater Noida West, Delhi population life easy. Central Government will use Gazipur solid waste in making of NH 24 widening and Delhi Meerut Expressway.

NH 24 Widening / Delhi - Meerut Expressway 6 Lane / Delhi To UP Gate To Dasna 14 Lanes Road / Dasna To Hapur 8 Lane Work Completion Deadline Date
December 2018 Set By PM MODI JI

NH 24 Widening Route Design Plan Work containing Four Package
  • Nizamuddin Bridge to Delhi UP Border 8.7 KM Long, 14 Lane ( 6 Lane Expressway, 8 Lane Normal Highway, 2.5 Bicycle Track on Both Side )
  • Delhi UP Border to Dasna 19.2 KM Long, 14 Lane ( 6 Lane Expressway, 8 Lane Normal Highway, 2.5 Bicycle Track on Both Side  )
  • Dasna to Hapur 22.2 KM Long, 8 Lane Normal Highway (Previous it was 6 lane but in Sep-Oct 2016 Board Meeting It Update to 8 Lanes)
  • Dasna to Meerut 46 KM Long, 6 Lane Expressway ( green field alignment)

NH 24 Widening Current Work Status, Tender Company
  • Package-1 Welspun Enterprises ( company from Gujarat ) won 8.7 KM long  Nizamuddin Bridge Delhi to UP border widening project, its cost ₹937 crore
  • Package-2 widening of Delhi UP border to Dasna (19.2 KM long) TENDER GOES TO Apco Chetak (Apco Infratech is based in MP and Chetak Enterprises in Rajasthan), its cost ₹1998 crore ( Cost of shifting of transmission lines: Rs 225 crores, Cost of shifting water pipeline: Rs 160 crores, 22,027 trees will cut and 22 crores compensation given to district forest department )
  • Package-3 from Dasna to Hapur 22.2 KM long, had been awarded to a company called Apco Chetak (Apco Infratech is based in MP and Chetak Enterprises in Rajasthan), its cost ₹1,098 crore.
  • Package-4 The greenfield package 46 KM from Dasna to Meerut requires land acquisition and work is in progress. “As soon as govt. get 80% of the land, tender will out", project cost ₹3,588 crore

NH 24 Widening Plan and Delhi Meerut Expressway

First two portions - Nizamuddin Bridge to UP Gate and UP Gate to Dasna - will be widened to 14 lanes include six lanes at center ( Delhi Meerut Expressway ) which is barricaded corridor for straight going traffic. The remaining portion Dasna to Hapur will be a eight lane highway.
  • National Highway 24 Widening Plan in Delhi and Ghaziabad
  • Delhi Dasna Meerut Expressway Plan ( 120 km/h )
  • 14 Lane with Cycle Track on Both Side
  • 6 Lane Expressway in Middle
  • 4 - 4 Lane Normal Highway on Both Side
  • 2.5 Meter Cycle Track and Foot Path on Both Side
  • 14 Bridge, 6 Flyover, 22 Vehicular Underpass, 1 Railway Bridge, 8 Foot Underpass, 12 Foot Over Bridge
  • यूपी बार्डर पर नया ओवरब्रिज बनेगा। यमुना सेतु के अलावा अक्षरधाम, गाजीपुर व फ्रेट कांप्लेक्स (मछली मंडी) ओवरब्रिजों को चौड़ा किया जाएगा।
  • मेट्रो लाइन व गाजीपुर नाले के निकट छोटे पुल, पटपड़गंज, लक्ष्मीनगर व गाजीपुर के निकट अंडरपास तथा रिंग रोड व अक्षरधाम के निकट ओवरपास भी चौड़े होंगे।
  • एक सीआईएसएफ-विजयनगर के बीच और दूसरा लालकुआं के पास, दो नए बड़े ओवरब्रिज बनाए जाएंगे 
  • कई अंडरपास, फुट ओवरब्रिज व बस स्टैंड बनाए जाएंगे। इनमें खोड़ा, साईं मंदिर, शिप्रा मॉल, विजयनगर शामिल हैं।

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system will be installed on barricaded stretch, which is part of Meerut expressway and the design speed will be 120 kmph.
Other eight lanes - four on each side - would be a normal highway and commuters won't have to pay toll.

From nhai.org tender link
Development of Delhi-Meerut Expressway from Km 0.000 to Km 27.500 including 6/8 Laning of NH-24 from Km 0.000 to Km. 49.346 (Hapur Bypass) in the State of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh- Package –I- from Km 0.000 to existing Km 8.360 in the State of Delhi - on Hybrid Annuity Mode.

NH 24 Widening Status News 30 December 2016

PM Narendra Modi Take Review of Expansion Widening Plan for NH-24 at Monthly Pragati Meeting on 25 OCT 2016 as it Delay Again
Current Situation of NH 24 Traffic >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZH-AIZjtRY

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