CHEATING IN UPTU ODD SEM EXAMINATION 2014-15 has become a serious problem for the university. The newspapers are also publishing the news again and again daily. Everyday students are being caught cheating in the examination. More than 18 students have been caught till now for cheating.  The officials are worried that irrespective of such a high security and high checking methods , the students are still successful in cheating in semester examinations.

The checking is done of each candidate before he enters into the examination hall. Still, a large number of students are successful daily in cheating in examinations. The team has also been placed in every college who comes at any time to check for the illegal measures. The offcials exclaimed that due to the winter season the students are wearing up heavy clothes. Due tot his they are successful in bringing chips and hiding it between the clothes. The university is now going to be more strict in stopping the methods of cheating in university.

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