UPSEE 2018 Counselling Process Dr. APJ AKTU (Previously UPTU Lucknow Noida Campus)

Dr. APJ AKTU previously knows as UPTU Lucknow Noida Campus announce UPSEE 2018 Counselling Process in a meeting which was attended by Secretary of the Department of Technical Education, Bhuvanesh Kumar and various directors of various institutions.

AKTU UPSEE 2018 Counselling - Only 3 Round will Conduct (Re Registration for 2nd) and Every Candidate will Invite for 3rd Round

AKTU University decided that this time counseling will be done only in three phases instead of 5 or 6 phases last year. Candidates will have to re-register for locking the seat in the second phase of counseling. While the third stage of UPSEE 2018 Counseling will be done as a pop-up or pool counseling, it means that all the candidates will be called in favor of all empty seats in UP Government and Private Colleges under Dr. APJ AKTU Lucknow Noida.

UPSEE 2018 candidates who have low rank or marks in entrance examination, will also get an opportunity for admission in AKTU Government and Private Colleges in 3rd round of counselling.

तीन साल में 50 हजार सीटें हुई कम - एकेटीयू में पिछले तीन सालों में लगभग 50 हजार सीटें कम हो गई हैं। साल 2015 में एकेटीयू ने लगभग 1.91 लाख सीटों पर दाखिले लिए थे। उसके अगले ही साल 2016 में 22 हजार सीटें घट गईं हैं और 1.69 लाख सीटों पर एडमिशन लिए गए। इस साल 23 हजार सीटें घट गईं और 1.46 लाख सीटों पर एडमिशन हुए। वहीं अगले साल अब यह सीटें दस हजार घट कर 1.36 पहुंचने की उम्मीद है। हालांकि, पिछले तीन साल की घटती सीटों पर नजर डाली जाए तो इस साल लगभग आधी सीटें ही घटीं हैं।

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