UPSEE 2015 SOFTWARE has been made by the board which will prevent illegal students from occuring in the entrance examination. A large number of students have applied for the UPSEE REGISTRATION PROCESS 2015 which started on 25th February,2015. The board has also taken preventive action to prevent illegeal candidates from appearing in the examination.  Every year a large number of students who are not elligible appear for UPSEE COUNCELLING PROCEDURE. This time the university has initiated a new action by which the candidates getting low marks in counseling will not be able to appear.

The officials said that every year a large number of students deposit the counseling fee irrespective of not qualifying for UPSEE counseling procedure. These students also create havoc at the counseling centers. This occur because the marks of the candidates were used to occur automatically when they enter their name. From this time onwards in UPSEE 2015 COUNSELING PROCEDURE, the students will have to fill themselves their own marks. This will prevent the candidates having lower marks than cut-off marks to sit in the counseling procedure.

Also, the marks in intermediate will be filled at the time of registration of counseling procedure. If the students get less marks in counseling than the required cut-off marks, they will automatically be removed from the counseling students list.

The complete details about UPSEE 2015 SOFTWARE TO PREVENT ILLEGAL CANDIDATES has been detailed

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