Examiner name is missing from UPTU data [ Case : UPTU semester copies in scrap shop ]

On 22 Feb 2015, UPTU college BBD NIIT semester practical exam answer sheet copies found in Lucknow scrap shop. After that UPTU and BBD college take action againt this issue, UPTU debar external teacher for two years and all practical exams of BBD NIIT college is cancel. On other hand college registered a police case and remove EC HOD from college.

But today a new information is seeking that UPTU don't have any data of the external teacher who decided is debar by UPTU, So question arise that who is finally out of the University.

UPTU used special software to allocated examiner, software itself set the allocation of teachers. But the examiner who decide to take the practical exam in BBD NIIT college did not go to take the test. Then UPTU again decide examiner for these college whose information is missing from UPTU data. SO UPTU don't have any information about that examiner.

UPTU officials summoned all external practical exam copies from colleges and then match the sign and list of examiner. UPTU officials said that university take stern action on culprits and if college is involved in this then UPTU take action on college also.


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