Nine students of HRIT Ghaziabad college , a college situated on NH-58 are expelled from the hostel for being involved in a brawl. The nine students of college comprises of three Kashmir students. Some kashmiri students were beaten up in the hostel. This matter was immediatey reported to the police administration. The police enquired the matter and nine students are expelled from the hostel.
Copies of the report were also sent to the J&K CID cell in Delhi and the state's resident commissioner.

These nine students have been permanently expelled from the hostel. Th other students have been warned and are told that if any such other issue will be reported again, the students associated with it will also face the same punishment. The six other students are immediately asked to leave the hostel premises. The three other Kashmiri students who were also involved in the fight were give two days relaxation to leave the hostel premises.

The police told the media that no complaint has been registered by the college management. The police administration also at the same time assure the college management of security . A guard has been put to keep an eye on any such matter. The police is trying all that they can to stop such type of conflicts

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