Special Classes For MTU Students who could not appear in Odd Sem Exam 2013-14 due to late declaration of their Even Semester Result.

UPTU has given a great relief to all Students from MTU  who were not able to appear in ODD Semester 2013-14 Exams as a result of  delay in their declaration of Even Semester result.

MTU Students have been in stress from a very long time for the inconvenience caused to them due to that mistake which was not committed by them.This delay in result declaration process has created havoc in their lives.

As this could lead to the wastage of one full year.

But now,UPTU has given relief to all these  MTU Students by organizing special classes for these students in the upcoming summer vacations. So that they can prepare for their ODD Semester Exams and can gave their exams without any disruption.

This will save their one complete year from being getting damage.

During these Special classes,no student is allowed to take any leave from the college and all test series as well as theory classes and practical classes will be conducted in the same way as conducted during regular classes.

Apart from this,Result from Both Semester(Even & Odd Semester) will be declared together.

To view this notification you can visit UPTU website or you can directly view on the link given below:-

Notification regarding Special Classes

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