MTU/GBTU/UPTU SCHOLARSHIP 2013-14 will be granted to few students

UPTU/MTU/GBTU SCHOLARSHIP 2013-14 will be granted only to few students. The government has released the fund for scholarship and is now available with ' Samaaj Kalyaan Vibhaag' but as usual this time also, only lucky ones will be benefitted.

Most of you are eagerly waiting for your scholarship and want it necessarily to be reflected in your bank account but for no use. The scholarship like previous year will be given only to few ones.

According to Amar Ujala dated 30th March, 2014  , the annual budget for Post Matric scholarship has been transferred to the Samaj Kalyaan Vibhaag this week. The problem that the officials are facing is that they have to make scholarship of thousands of students till tomorrow i.e. 31st March,2014. 

The students who will only be verified till tomorrow are getting their scholarship. The others will not be getting this benefit. The remaining budget will be lapsed after 31st March, 2014.

Most of the officials of Samaj Kalyaan Vibhag are in election duties. Only few are there those will assign the scholarship to students. Also, due to Sunday the office remained close today. Only 1 day is left to the officials.

The students can now do nothing rather than crossing their fingers. The lucky ones will be getting their account credited while the unlucky ones like most of us will have to pass it on as a nightmare.


  1. admin aise to koi news nhi h samaj kalyan vibhag m

  2. How do we know that our scholaship form is accepted or not??