Hello students!!! This is the question paper of ROUND 1 DAY 6. Submit all answers correctly before anyone do and be the WINNER OF THE DAY.

The winner will be announced  here and on the facebook pages at 10:15 pm.


Total number of questions : 5

Time allotted : 60 minutes.

Each question carry 2 marks, no negative marks.


  •     The first student who will submit all correct answers i.e. get 10 marks will be considered as the   WINNER OF THE DAY.
  •     Click the 'Submit' button given in the bottom of this page to Submit your answers.
  •     Test will be submitted automatically if the time expired.
  •     Don't refresh the page.

Que 1..Akash is a dealer.He buys dry fruit at Rs 100,rs 80 and rs 60 per kg.He bought them in ratio by weight 12:15:20.Totally,he gets the 20% gain by selling first two and at last he has no gain or no loss when he sold the whole quantity he had.What was the loss percentage that akash suffered in selling the third quantity.

a. 40%  b.50%

c. 60%   d.20%

e.None of these

Que 2.Which among the following cannot be the last day of a century?

a. tuesday  b.wednesday

c. monday   d.friday

e.None of these

Que 3..A river abc,flows at 12k/h.Mohan in still water can row at speed of 25/18m/s has to cross it in the minimum possible time.The distance covered my mohan is how much times the width of river abc. a. 2   b. 2.3

c. 2.6    d.2.9

e.none of these


Que 4.  A and B bought two wist watches from vidya electricals at 11:40 am IST .After 60 minutes elapses in correct clock IST ,A's watch registers 62 minutes whereas B's watch registers 56 minutes.Later in that day ,A's wristwatch reads 10 pm,then time on B's watch will be

a. 8:40pm  b. 9pm c.9:40pm   d.9 :20 pm

e.None of these

Que 5. A task is completed by 30 workers,not all of them have the same capacity to work.Each day exactly 2 workers do the work such that no pair of workers working  together
twice.Even after all pairs have worked once,all the workers together work for two more days to finish the task.Find the no. of days in which all the workers can together finish the whole work.
a. 32    b. 31

c. 41  d. 29
e.none of these


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