UPTUDE -1 ROUND1 DAY 4

Hello students!!! This is the question paper of ROUND 1 DAY 4. Submit all answers correctly before anyone do and be the WINNER OF THE DAY.

The winner will be announced  here and on the facebook pages at 10:15 pm.


Total number of questions : 5

Time allotted : 60 minutes.

Each question carry 2 marks, no negative marks.


  •     The first student who will submit all correct answers i.e. get 10 marks will be considered as the   WINNER OF THE DAY.
  •     Click the 'Submit' button given in the bottom of this page to Submit your answers.
  •     Test will be submitted automatically if the time expired.
  •     Don't refresh the page.

Que 1..In a test Mohit got 33.33% marks from 300. Tarun got marks which is 1/4 th more than Mohit. Prateek got marks which is 15 less than scored by Tarun. Rahul got 20 marks more than the average of Mohit, Tarun and Prateek. How many of all the students got marks more than 40% of the total marks?

a. 3   b. 2

c. 1    d. 0

Que 2. Let three numbers are a,b and c. The average of these numbers is 135. Out of them three, the largest number is 180 and the difference between the others two is 25. The smallest number is

a. 130   b. 100

c. 120    d. 125

Que 3..There are four students A, B, C and D. The marks of all these students in Physics form a Geometric Progression in that order. If the marks scored by C is less than the total marks of A and B by 275/9 %, then marks scored by D are what percent more than the marks scored by B ? ( Assume that all students score positive marks)

a. 67.75%   b. 64%

c. 55.5%    d. 56.25%


Que 4.  Kapil is going for dinner . On his way to dinner shortly after 6:00 pm , he observes that the hands of his watch are making an angle of 110 degree. On his return before 7:00 pm, he notices that again the hands of his watch form an angle of 110 degree.  The number of minutes that he has been away are:  

a. 42.4    b. 42

c. 40  d. 41.4

Que 5. Akash sells 3/5th of total fruits making a profit of 10% and remaining at a loss of 5%. If he get a total profit of Rs 1500, then what is the total cost price of fruits?

a. 120    b. 113.31

c. 110  d. 100

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