UPTUDE 1 DAY 1 RESULT

The UPTUDE Day 1 Round ! has been over now. All the aspirants are waiting for their results. All the students played very well. Many students gave correct answers . But since , according to the rules, the one who will give all answers correct at first is the winner.

The winner of DAY 1 is ANKITA GULATI from RKGITW-333 .

There were some lags in the exam. The questions 6 and 10 were not correct. And thus these questions have not been considered. WE wish ANKITA GULATI  a good luck for future rounds.

There is a short interview with her:     

 Q1..Hello Ankita,Congrats to you.You are today's winner.What are your opinions about UPTUDE?
Ans-Hi,thank you so much.Well its a nice and a quite innovative idea .Now students can be in touch with aptitude via social media.We should participate more and more in these competitions.I've also seen a lot of excitement of UPTUDE among the  students.

Q2.How were the level of questions?
Ans-The questions were quite easy and of degree 1. The most important thing is to participate in the competition.

Q3.What do you want to say to all aspirants of UPTUDE?
Ans-I wanna say that ,we should all participate in competitions like UPTUDE to enhance our aptitude skills.Its a  nice opportunity for all.

So, this is Ankita Gulati from RKGITW-333, the winner of the day.

This is the snapshot of the few students having correct answers at first.


IF you also want to be the winner of the day, meet you at 8:30 pm today. Still 19 days left.

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