UPTU CONVOCATION 2014: Pvt college students grab more medal than Govt college students



UPTU CONVOCATION 2014  was held successfully on 11th of January,2014 at Lucknow campus. Uttar Pradesh Technical University held its convocation first time after the merger of both the universities. 

This time also in UPTU CONVOCATION 2014 , one thing shocked everyone. The result of private colleges is better  as compared to the result of government colleges. The students of private colleges got more medals then the students of government colleges.

The list of medal winners of 4 consecutive years shows clearly how private colleges are taking the lead. Out of 30 medal recipients (15 gold and 15 silver) at UPTU 11TH CONVOCATION , UPTU CONVOCATION 2014, only 3 medals, one gold and one silver went to government colleges while remaining 27 are grabbed by the private colleges.

In the graduating batch of 2011-12, students who were toppers were from government colleges while the rest of them were from private colleges.

In the graduating batch of 2010-11 , 5 students from government colleges grab the medals while the meaning 25 medals went to the private colleges.

The criteria of selection of medal winners is based on the maximum aggregate marks scored by a student. This figure shows there is a casual fall in the number of students taking medals from government colleges.

"It's wrong to say that private colleges, barring few, are imparting substandard education. In around 15 months, I have visited many private colleges in Lucknow, Rae Bareilly, Shamli, Noida, etc and I was shocked to see lecturers being recorded, while in others, students were tirelessly working to achieve great heights,'' said R K Khandal, UPTU vice-chancellor.

Government institutions, on the other hand, are losing out on infrastructure and quality teachers, said officials. Many are reeling under acute shortage of teachers. The newly opened four government colleges are worse. In some, the directors are even missing. These four institutions are Manyawar Kanshiram Engineering College of Information Technology (MKECIT), Ambedkar Nagar; MKECIT, Azamgarh; Bhimrao Ambedkar Engineering College of Information Technology, Banda; and BAECIT, Bijnor

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