Violation By First Year Failed Students In MTU Campus

           First Year Failed Students Of MTU raises Violence In MTU Campus Yesterday

Actually all those students who were failed in their first year exams demanded for Special Carryover Paper to be conducted again like wise with those conducted in previous year.
As a result ,these students screamed slogans inside and outside the campus.Therefore to control the situation,the management has to call the police,Instead of stopping the violence,students were remained firm on their decision.Due to this,the authority has given them one week time to take a timely decision over the arrangement of special carry over paper.
More than 13% of students who took admission in 2012-2013 session failed in their first year exams these students demanded for the carryover paper .
Actually the MTU University has stopped the process of conducting special carryover paper after seeing the poor performance of students in earlier carryover papers. 
But since GBTU is conducting special carryover papers this time so the students of MTU also demanded for the same.
To stop all this violence the Additional Exam Controller Mr. Mahendra Kumar have taken the complaints of students in written and is given reassurance for the satisfactorily decision over the matter.

Apart From All This--- The Police Also Advised These Students

The Police authority made fun on the act of these students and advised them that instead of bunking classes if all of the failed students have regularly attended the classes and have studied sincerely for their exams then they don't have to beg here for the conducting of special carryover paper.They also advised students to stay away from drinking and bad habits.... 

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