Official Ranking of MTU Colleges, Max. colleges condition is really bad


MTU has released the list of 179 B.Tech colleges rank on Saturday. But 76% colleges are below than the Average line.

Only 21% of the colleges are above the fulfilling criteria of the University .Out of which, only two colleges wcollegesreced to be excellent.These are AKGIT and KIET .

.AKGIT has ranked 1st and KIET is ranked 2nd.

The result of 35% colleges is very disappointing and is a matter of grave consideration.This ranking is prepared on the basis of the total number of marks scored by first year students in the theory subjects for the session 2012-2013. 

The ranking list contains "excellent grade" as the top category.Both the above mentioned colleges are from Ghaziabad-- AKGEC & KIET.This a fame for Ghaziabad residents.The Gross No. obtained by  the students from these colleges are  between 58 to 60%.

The next category is "Very Good" .Only 8 colleges fall under this category.Out of the 8 colleges -- 1 is from Noida, 2 are from G. Noida, 4 are from Ghaziabad including RKGIT and ABESEC, 1 is from Meerut. The Gross No. of students from these colleges ranges from 46.29 to 53.44.

The third category is of "Good" colleges. Only 28 colleges were able to register their names under this category.Out of 28 colleges--8 colleges are from G.Noida, 11 colleges are from Ghaziabad.The Gross No. of  marks of students from these colleges are around 34.02 to 43.91%.

The next category is "Average".Only 5 colleges are there in it..

All this analysis shows the poor condition of the education system in the University..If this situation continues ,then the time will come when students from UP will start taking admissions in other state colleges.

The students studying in colleges recieving uunsatisfactory results need not to be worry about. The ranking is based on the performance in the semester exams. This ranking will change probably on the basis of marks this year.So only the quality of teaching needs to be improved .

You can View the ranking list of the colleges by clicking on the below link:- 


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