MTU: Decision on special carry over exams on 14th October



MTU(Mahamaya Technical University), Noida has decided to take decisions for carrying out special carry over Examinations on tomorrow i.e. 14th of October.

Previously, the students wishing to appear for special carry over exams   caused exposute at MTU, Noida campus. The students obstructed the way of vice chancellor & requested to carry out these Exams. But, the university didnt take it seriously. As a result of this, the students again exposed on Thursday. The students were collected in front of university campus and started shouting with their slogans. They were stopped only when the city magistrate visited the campus. There were 30 police officials including women policemen. Also, the FIRE BRIGADE was present to stop any unexpected activity.

Since the matter is finding its resources to catalyse, the university has decided to take certain important steps.
The university has published a notice on the campus gate which stated as follows:

"The university has decided to call a meeting of ACADEMIC COUNSELLORS on Monday, 14th October. Any decision about carrying out special carry over exams will be taken and discussed on the prescribed schedule."

But after this notice also, the students aren't taking their steps back. They raised voices against MTU Vice Professor, S.K.KAAK and exams controller, J.P.PANDEY.  The city magistrate again reaching their tried to solve the matter by dicussing it with the students.

The students again tried to cause obstruction to the car of Professor but were not successful since a huge mob of policeman were there.

Now, the students who are wishing for their special carry over exams are requested to wait a week. And are requested not to take steps such as suicide or any other fatal steps.


  1. specia carry over k student kl (25/10/13) ko mtu building k samne ektrit honge...aap aakr apna shyog vyakt kre........hum yha 2nd year & 1st year k students k special carry over ki demand krenge.......dhnyavaad...