Admission in MTU: Only 10% as compared to previous year


 There is a bad result of the survey being carried out for the total number of admissions in the MAHAMAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY(MTU),NOIDA this time.

 Only 70 Thousand students in all are enrolled for the 2013-2014 session.

The online registration process for admission has been successfully completed. But the sad part is -Not even 10% admissions took place through UPSEE counseling. On the contrary ,colleges have given bumper admissions on vacant seats.As a result, in spite of being a drastic failure in its UPSEE counseling,the admission ratio reached to its previous year records.More than 10% of direct admissions took place in all colleges which is a great shame on UPSEE process.

Apart from this,student's admission to the respective colleges have been cancelled  who have not fulfilled the criteria for the first step of UPSEE COUNSELING. T

The online registration process for enrollment after the UPSEE counseling was started on 16th August AND ended on 20th September.

Since the final year result for Post Graduation has not yet been declared ,these students are exempted in registration process.But in this online registration process , many students were not given admission because they do not satisfy to the rules and regulations of the respective colleges as there result have not yet declared.Only after the declaration of the result their data will be taken into consideration.So,for this a team has been formed which will check out the result of these students.Only after this careful checking out of the data,the eligible students will be given enrollment numbers ,based on these enrollment numbers students will be given their roll numbers to be eligible for giving exams for their first semester.

Thus there could be seen an another dropdown in the total number of students being admitted in the University. Since many students nowadays are taking their steps back from Engineering & many reputed institutions such as IITs are also experiencing  a dropdown in the admission process, nothing much can be expected for MTU. The University will have to take certain decisions to improve this admission process.

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