GBTU EARN & LEARN: Seniors will teach Juniors now

Now,all junior students who are studying in engineering colleges will be taught by senior students of the same college.Any junior who is weak in any of the subject will be taught by their seniors.This decision is not a mere formality but  the University has decided to implement this step seriously.And for this,all seniors will be given  hour based payment. As a result,both will be benefited.

This will be a first initiative taken by Gautam Budha Technical University (GBTU) in all its Engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

It will be first started in the University Constituent Institute.
And after this,all private engineering colleges of the state will be encouraged to do so.

There  is very much shortage of faculty members in private engineering colleges and as a result less focus is given on weak students which lead to demarcation in result.

Actually,GBTU has prepared many plans to make the education system decentralized.Therefore, From these plans BOS(Board Of Studies) is among one of them .

BOARD OF STUDIES (BOD) will include students also:

GBTU has instructed all the colleges including engineering,architecture and management colleges to draft a Board of Studies(BOS). These BOS will be consulted while making new Syllabus.
An important thing is that ,the topper of final year will be a part of BOS,so that intentions and suggestions of these students will be considered while making suitable changes in the Syllabus.

I believe,this step will be helpful to some extent in improving the quality of education in the University. As a result, more students may be encouraged to take admissions in GBTU colleges..

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