UTTAR PRADESH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY merger raises new challenges

There is a news in the midst of the students of UPTU, Lucknow and a myth has been evolved for the merge of the two universities GBTU, Lucknow and M.T.U, Noida.
The myth is going to change into reality since the UP Assembly passed the UPTU(Amendment) Act, 2013. But there are several academic and administrative issues which are yet to be resolved.

 One of the biggest such issue is the difference in syllabi of both the universities MTU, Noida and GBTU, Lucknow. Another such issue is for the newly admitted students of 2013-14. The issue is whether they will get the degree from GBTU or MTU or from UPTU. These issues along many such issues are creating an obstacle in the path of merging of these two universities.

GBTU pro vice-chancellor, Prof DS Yadav said changes will have to be made in a manner that doesn't adversely affect the students. "Curriculum is one of the most important aspects. The style of functioning of the two universities varies drastically and that's where a commonality will have to be brought,'' he said.

Other technical universities are also advising to take careful steps since the mergement will need to be followed by many useful decisions. The universities will have to look on aspects like faculty, students, administration, ordinances, and examinations. 

"MTU was created to be more user-friendly and student-friendly. Established in the NCR, the domain of MTU was to be in competition with the IIT's and other Delhi-based prominent institutions,'' said Prof S Kak, vice-chancellor, MTU.

Prof. KAK is very unhappy with the decision of this mergement. He said, "Soon after MTU started functioning, industrialists, educationists were brought together to bring in the latest technology to the students. Many MoUs were signed with industry giants to see that the employability level goes up.''

The decision had taken on 5th January when the state cabinet decided to merge these universities. The UPTU was partitioned into MTU and GBTU at the time of BSP's Government when chief minister of that time MAYAWATI started MTU on her name MAHAMAYA. Since then, the decision of mergement is following many ups and downs.

The government added that the bifurcation of UPTU has led to decrease in the employment and educational opportunities that are been provided to the students.

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