Scholarship forms online

There is a good news for the students of UPTU. The university has started a new scheme where the submission of scholarship forms will be online.

Now, the students need not to wait days and months to submit their scholarship forms. By the new scheme of UPTU, the scholarship forms will be submitted online. This scheme has been started to save the time of the students being wasted in visiting the 'SAMAJ KALYAN' office for the submission of the forms. This scheme will also reduce the complexity of this SCHOLARSHIP FORM SUBMISSION process.
This process will be started most probably from First week Of October and the students can fill up their Scholarship forms from anywhere. After the approval of the committee, this software will start working as per the decided schedule.

The members of 'SAMAJ KALYAN' says that the students keep on visiting them even after the last date of submission of forms and keep on requesting to submit their forms. This problem will be solved to much extent after this programme. No student will be allowed in any circumstances to submit his/her form before/after the schedule of submission of forms that will be decided by the university.

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