There is a very bad news for the students who are waiting for their scholarships. The Govt has decided not to give scholarships to the remaining students as stated in AMAR UJALA.

Acc to the news, the left over candidates will not avail the benefits of scholarship due to non-availability of funds. In the district of Ghaziabad only, more than 7069 students will not be getting scholarship. The govt. has published instructions in written to the SAMAJ KALYAN of respective districts.

In the session of 2012-13 , there were almost 7500 applicants from Ghaziabad district. The budget needed to fulfill the demands was around 67 crore rupees. But only 3.5 crore rupees have been provided to the SAMAJ KALYAN. In this case, only 431 candidates will be availing the benefits of scholarship.

Its a very bad news for the students waiting for their scholarships.

Most of the students are very needy for these scholarships and were waiting for this scholarship since many months. But this news can cause havoc to them.

The SAMAJ KALYAN is lifting its hands saying that they can't do anything in this case.

NOW, what the students can do is just WAIT WAIT and WAIT...


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    1. DIOS - District inspector of School

  2. Sir,I miss my registration can i find my please send my no. on my

  3. Sir, is there any chance to get scholarship for the applicants of session 2012-13?

  4. Sir, Is there any possibility to get scholarship for the applicants of 2012-13?