There will be less job in IT BPO sector this year as compare to last year

Due to the bad response of outsourcing by United states of America, there are less chances of new jobs and placements in IT-BPO sector this year. According to the survey of National Association of Software and Services Companies(NASSCom), there will be only 60% placements and only 17% new openings this year as compared to previous year placements.

America used to do outsourcing of the projects on which many big and small Indian companies depends upon for their project. According to Anti-Outsourcing bill, America has refused to do outsourcing till it fails to provide opportunities to its country members. Thus, Indian industries may go through a big fall in their recruitment status due to non-availability of project works.

According to this bill, Indian industries being set up outside India will have to provide job opportunities to the residentials there. Thus, there will be a great downfall in the number of persons visiting USA from India via H-1 and L-1 visa.

  • Engineering graduates (30%)
  • Graduates(40%)
  • PG(including MBA)- 12%
  •  Financial specialist(including CA)-5%
  • Doctor,Lawyer, PHD- 3%
  • Other-4%

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