Mahamaya Technical University (MTU), Noida has recieved a good name & fame at the International level.

Europe Business Assembly(EBA), Oxford has chosen MTU, NOIDA as the best university. Also, the V.C. professor of MTU has recieved the title of MANAGER OF THE YEAR. The university will be recieving this award at  OXFORD SUMMIT OF LEADERS: SCIENCE AND EDUCATION PROGRAMME, U.K. on 17th of December.

Professor Kaak has given us this information at the press conference being organized at MTU campus. He exclaimed that EBA has chosen MTU according to their own rules and guidelines. 
The university has not issued any suggestion or participation regarding this. The EBA has considered the following in the university, choosing it as the best university:

  • Organisation of work
  • Introduction of latest technology in affairs
  • guidelines for giving best and necessary education to the students
  • level of social needs
These are some of the best things that EBA felt might be advantageous to choose MTU as the best university.

Kalyan Singh, Registrar(MTU) said  that the university is soon going to release the E-GOVERNANCE system where all its work and administration details are available online, being open to all to achieve full transparencyu in the future.

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