MTU----- CSE(Computer Science & Engineering) OVERTAKES IT(Information Technology) over first choice of the students

The Btech stream CSE (Computer Science & Engineering) is said to overtake the other branches as usual over the first preference of candidates pursuing Btech from 750 colleges of MTU(formerly, UPTU).

The level and preference of the shivering stream IT(Information Technology) which can be seen at the verge of extinction is decreasing day by day. Very few students prefer IT than CSE and only those students can be seen pursuing it those are not successful in getting their preferred branch with the aim of getting it changed in the following year of their admission. Since, the University has some rules and obligations which allow the students to change their branch in the second year of the course of their study, many students choose other branches than their preferred ones with the aim of getting it changed in the next year of their admission.
This branch has gone to preference 6 while admission and the students leaving their branch can also be seen more in it.

The students applying for branch change in the second year of their course of study are in large number of IT branch. There are only few subjects difference in CS & IT . But, according to the market status there is a myth that the recruiters prefer CSE students more than IT ones.

Most of the students who applied for branch change are more destinating to CSE. Almost 500 students of 25 Engneering colleges of MTU have been applied for the change of branch in their second year of study. Out of 500, there are almost 125 students of IT branch who wants to change their branch. After it, there are almost 100 students of E.C. and 90 students of MECHANICAL who also wants to change their branch.

There are many students in this list who got their unpreffered branch at the time of admission. They took these branches with the aim of holding these good colleges. But, they study only with the aim of getting their branch changed.

The change in branch will purely be on the basis of Merit in the result of first year exams.

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