MTU MBA/MCA carry over exams for pass out students 2012-13

The students of MBA/MCA who have completed their session or course in 2012-13 but are still having back in their third semester exams can give their carry over exams.

These students will be giving their carry over exams with the students of other courses which get enrolled in the session 2011-12 and are currently pursuing their 3rd year of their course. These students will have to give their 3rd sem carry over exams this week.

The MBA/MCA students who have not cleared their 3rd semester exams but have completed their course of study can now give their carry over exams of 3rd semester which are starting from tomorrow.

There are certain students who have completed their MBA/MCA but are still not eligible for getting their degrees from university. These students can also face difficulties while applying for  any Job, since their status will not be CLEAR. Thus, these students can now remove this fatigue from their mind by giving their carry over exams.

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